I have been wanting to join the gym for a while now and for those of you who follow my posts will notice my `health kick` food posting...
I knew i wanted to work-out but i didn`t know what form of work-out i wanted until i saw the commercial for "zumba".I was immediately attracted to the dance routines and the music so before i actually started working out i changed my diet to :
Breakfast: Oatmeal and Protein Drink
Lunch: Tuna salad or Sandwich
Dinner: Meat and Vegeatables ..Eg sweet corn spinach etc.

There are many people who think that Zumba is for people who just want to tone but i am her to tell you that i have been to the classes and trust me its not just for skinny people. As a matter of fact the instructors were once students and believe me when i tell you that i am in better shape than my instructors but they have more endurance than i do and they are healthier and not can they dance....i love it
The class is 1 full hour of Wining and grinding and jump jump jump!!! thats just my way of putting it .lol They do a mixture of music from latin, meringue,pop, dance music and cool down slow jam....
There workout is really nonstop except for 5 seconds between song changes....Its a routine work-out: this means that each song has a routine just like a dance piece but they incorporate workout steps in the dance moves so it doesn`t feel like you are working out....But you will feel it the day after for sure...lol
This is my second class and in my opinion i think its Motivating, Energizing, and a great way to have fun with your work-out ...

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