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If there was any doubt about the miracles of zumba, I am hear to tell you that its awesome! awesome! awesome! I started dancing a couple month ago at 139lbs, 26 inch waist and 39 hips. I knew I had to change my diet completely in order to allow my body to cleanse itself and reboot. I changed my diet drastically in the first month with the Southbeach diet, eliminating all dairy, certain fruits that has too much sugar as well as decreasing my carbohydrate intake. This was so easy because I ate five times per day and I was never hungry. I worked out with Zumba when I could , I didn`t have a set routine, maybe 3-4 days per week.
The second month I started to slowly adding small portions of dairy and organically grown fruits, vegetables and meats. I know it cost a little more but there are ways to cut down on your organic food cost by doing a little research. Find farmers markets in your local area or even community supermarkets. These are special organic stores, unlike whole-foods and Trader Joe`s, they offer volunteering opportunities to reduce food cost among other things. You can also grow your own veggies if you have the space. If you live in the city, there are City Pickers at Home Depot that`s made for patios or even indoors, providing you are getting at least 4-6 hours or sun.
Now I am enjoying my normal meals except I am substituting for organic ingredients. For example, I enjoy Pizza but only Gluten free which is significantly less cheaper and more delicious in my opinion.

The point is Zumba is a fun way to get in shape. The second part of staying in shape is maintaing a good healthy diet. You don`t have to completely stop eating the foods you love, you just have to cleanse your system then reboot slowly and healthier...This is your body, feed it and nurture it and you will be surprise at the results.

Tip. The Southbeach diet has a free trial period....Print Print Print...

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