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Weve heard the ole Shit happens mantra many times. Recent history has been a chorus of shit happens that has echoed from around the world.
Over the past couple years, Bradley Associates also heard of Murphys law.
And weve heard the thats typical.
Weve had our share of black swans, too.
The media have circulated these messages almost continuously for nearly a decade. (Actually, a heck of a lot longer than that.)

As much as its true that shit happens, good shit happens, too. Turn-arounds are possible. In fact, with every bad day, they become more probable.
If youve faced tough times, just remember that.
Turn-arounds can happen in a few different categories.

National Turn-arounds
The countrys economy and maybe even the entire world economy can improve. This is a national economy. How will this help you? Well, its the every boat rises in a tide theory. If the countrys economy improves theres a better chance of your own personal financial situation turning around.
But, you dont have to wait for the country to turn-around.

Personal Turn-arounds
You can engineer your own turn-around. Although, you may struggle more in an economic malaise, it doesnt mean that you cant advance your money situation. In fact, theres probably a reason that most of the great fortunes and the great companies were created during economic hard times. Struggle sharpens the intellect and hardens the will.

Spiritual Turn-arounds
Your economic reality is only one facet of your reality. This realization means that you can thrive even when your bank account or your investment accounts arent. Health, family, friends, and creative endeavors are far more important that a recession.

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