Zucchini Tempura

4 years ago

My moms coworker has a garden and grows zucchini so she brought us a whole bunch of them. I had made so many zucchini recipes with all the pieces she gave us that i was out of ideas. so i thought, mmm fried zucchini sounds good but being the super asian that i am, we only had tempura mix and potato starch lol. thus resulting in zucchini tempura

how to zucchini:
wash zucchini and cut off ends
slice into 1/4 inch thick pieces
dust with tempura mix or potato starch

how to tempura: no measurements, i eyeballed since there was hardly any left
add just a bit of potato starch to tempura mix (i only did this because i didn`t have enough mix)
slowly add just a tiny bit of ICE COLD water and mix. add more to reach desired texture
dont worry about chunks in batter - it gives tempura good texture

alternative method is to prepare the batter in a bowl that is placed on top of a bowl full of ice, the key to this batter is it should be cold!!

i heat the oil (i used a deep pot not a deep fryer and i didn`t want to pour a ton of oil i would never use again so i heated about 2-3inches of oil)
put just a small bead of batter into oil to see if its ready, it should fry right away when ready

the tempura is done once it floats to the top!

place on paper towels to get rid of excess oil while cooling

oh on a side note, try to use a light oil that will not overwhelm the flavor of the tempura, olive oil is not recommended
in addition, do not heat your oil to the point of smoking, the food you cook in it will taste like crap (:

image is mine, as is the content (: please do not use

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