Zoya: Shawn

4 years ago

Shawn isn`t at all a new polish by Zoya, but it is new in my collection. I thought I owned it but when I went looking for it, I discovered I never did. I must have seen so many swatches and wanted it so much that somehow my brain manipulated those thoughts into believing I already had it... ::shrug:: While this polish may not be wildly exciting, I`m loving it. Green polish, for me, is one of those areas that I`m not always too fond of. I love mints (with hints of blue) and deep greens, but bright greens often don`t do it for me. This is rich enough in coloring that I`m absolutely enamored by it. It is a forest green with a creme finish. Even though green isn`t typically thought of as a chic color, something about this one feels fancy pants.... go figure! I felt very similarly when I wore OPI Jade Is The New Black. Application was nice. It wasn`t as spectacular as some other Zoyas, but I also wouldn`t say it created issues or gave me too many difficulties. It was on the thinner side, which made it so that I had to use thinner coats to prevent pooling. The first coat was rather streaky and patchy looking. There was no way that I would have been happy with a single coat. I am wearing two coats in these photos. That seemed to smooth everything over and give a uniform layer. I have mentioned in the past that Zoya polish doesn`t play well with Seche Vite (or the other way around). I so stand by that. However, if you make sure to wrap your tips well and do the same when applying the Seche Vite, it doesn`t shrink back. It is sort of anchored on, if you will, when you wrap the polishes around the edges of the nail. If you have enough of a free edge to let some spill down a bit to the underside, that is even better. I am wearing Seche Vite with this polish and as you can see, there is no shrinkage happening. Create your own Zoya account and start partaking in their http://www.artofbeauty.com/CONTENT/38/CATEGORY/SHARE_THE_LOVE.HTML?Referral=C082536. If you sign up through my http://www.artofbeauty.com/CONTENT/38/CATEGORY/SHARE_THE_LOVE.HTML?Referral=C082536 you will automatically receive a coupon on your account for a free bottle of polish (in your choice of color). Add 2 additional polishes to your order and you`ll receive free shipping, too!
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