Zoya Holly amp Rina

Back in January my mom sent me a a care package with some things I missed from home along with some Zoya polish I had ordered during one of their promos. One of the polishes was Rina which I hadnt gotten around to trying out. Then last week I received another package from my husbands cousin and she sent me Holly. I was so surprised. Green is my favorite color and I had been wanting Holly for quite some time.

I have been kind of restricted to the house in order to rest my feet the past few days. I have had foot problems for years now and for some reason things have flared up recently. Long story made short, I am stuck sitting in the house with my two bulldogs, tv and laptop to keep me company. So to mix up the monotony I thought Id paint my nails with Zoya Holly. I know its spring and everyone is going mad for pastels and nudes but thats just not my style and yes, I wear green year round. lol Once I prepped my nails and applied my Essie Sensitivity Base Coat I did two coats of Holly. As I have mentioned before, I like to do thinner coats, so had I intended to wear Holly alone I would have gone ahead with a third coat. Holly on its own is absolutely lovely by the way. It is such a bright beautiful and bold metallic green, I just love it! However, I had planned on topping Holly with Rina because I have been waiting for an opportunity to pair it with something since I got it and these two polishes were after all intended to go together as they were part of Zoyas Gems and Jewels collection. I only did one coat of Rina, I suppose I could have done one more but I wanted to make sure that Holly still shone through a bit. One coat of Rina definitely did the job though and I was rather impressed with how much of as well as how evenly the bar glitter was distributed. I know that bar glitter can sometimes be a little pesky by hanging over the edge of the nail. To remedy this I just gently remove them or tap them into place, and any I missed I go back and trim with my cuticle trimmers once my nails have dried. Now back to Rina and how gorgeous it is. I just could not believe how sparkly Rina was and once I applied my Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, Rina popped even more believe it or not. Initially Rina looks to be just green but once the light hits it just right, you can see some hints of blue and iridescent bar glitter as well. Over all I was more than happy with both polishes and I was especially pleased with the effect once I paired them together. My nails look like the Emerald City and I cant stop looking at them, my husband has even approved! lol Now I just cant wait to get my hands on the other two glitters, Kissy and Twila from the Jems and Jewels collection as well as OPI Save Me because I am so sold on these bar glitters.

Have you tried either of these polishes?

Pic #1: Rina over Holly with flash.
Pic #2: Rina over Holly without flash.
Pic #3: Holly with flash.
Pic #4: Holly without flash.

*Pictures belong to me, so please do not use them without my permission. Thanks!

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