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When Zoya had their last promotion I was quick to take advantage of it and my mom was kind enough to get me two bottles as well. The promotion was two free polishes of your choice so long as you paid the minimal shipping fee. I tend to gravitate generally to darker colors, greens and glitter polishes. For some reason I have a strong aversion to pink. I think it comes from some deep rooted child trauma. lol Anyhow, I thought I would try to be adventurous and choose something I wouldnt normally go for and went ahead and added Valerie (fuchsia with coppery glitter) to my bag in spite of the fact it looked to be on the pink side. The swatches I saw just looked so intriguing. I also indulged my love of green and glitter and went ahead and snagged Envy (dark green creme) and Rina (green with blue bar glitter). Last but not least I grabbed Ki (chameleon like changing between, pewter, purple and green) because it looked so multi-faceted the way it changes colors depending on the light and angle.

I also decided to go ahead and pick up the Zoya Fleck Effect Mylar Glazes collection which retails for $24 USD on the Zoya site and includes Maisie, Opal and Chloe. I have been coveting some flakies for ages now and I had read pretty good reviews on these. I was so looking forward to receiving all my Zoya products, but mostly the Fleck Effects. The only problem was that I could not decided which color combination to use. I finally decided to layer Chloe over Valerie which I will post later.

So did you take advantage of the promo I mentioned, if so what did you choose? Also, have you tried the Fleck Effects or any other flakies?

Picture #1: Zoya Fleck Effects Mylar Glazes - Maisie, Opal & Chloe.
Picture #2: Zoya Envy, Valerie, Rina & Ki.

*Pics are mine, please do not use without my permission. Thanks!

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