For a while I had heard about this new sport/activity called Zorbing! Zorbing is where you get inside a massive plastic ball and you roll down a hill in it. It is a hard to explain, but if you search it on YouTube, you will understand it better. Many people in New Zealand like to do this for fun and I believe that is one of the few places in the world where you can actually do it. Well, two or three years ago, my family went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for vacation and actually came across a Zorb site! We decided to try it out! They had to options of ways how you could go down the hill in the Zorb. One being the "Zydro" where they put around 8 gallons of water with you (I think) to make you feel like you are on a water slide. The second was the "Zorbit", which is where they harness you into the Zorb and send you down the hill. I ultimately decided to do the Zorbit because I didn`t want to get wet. So the employees drove me to the top of the hill and got me into the Zorb and sent me head over heels, heels over head down the hill! While you travel down the hill you almost feel like you are weightless because you are spinning so fast. It was so much fun and different than anything I have ever done! If you ever have the opportunity to try this, definitely do it because it is a cool experience to have and it is something to remember!

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