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5 years ago

Few days ago, I went to my dentist to get my teeth whitening done. The whole process took a while, but I`m pretty happy with the results. I decided to get my teeth whitening because my teeth was pretty badly stained. I also bravely went through my periodontal surgery a few years ago. The whole process care of my dental hygiene has greatly improved. I decided to take better care of my gum and my teeth because I feel it`s important to have a good oral hygiene and also I can feel confident when I`m smiling. I can finally show my teeth when I smile for the camera. Anyway the whole process took nearly 2 hours. My dentist recommended to whiten my teeth and also she uses the latest Zoom Whitening Advanced machine in her office. My stain teeth was pretty stained which was in the 4 category chart, if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I didn`t take a before pic but I`ll try to provide you with a after picture of how white it is. I had to sit in 4 session of 15 mins each of getting my teeth gel and then getting it Zoom by this light. Each time I get it Zoom the intensity of my teeth gets pretty sensitive. Although it wasn`t so bad while I was getting it done at my dentist office. The aftermath when the whole process was finished, I could feel the sensitivity running around my teeth which hurts pretty bad. Also I`m getting a kit from my dentist within two weeks and this allows me to do touch ups on my own. Hope you enjoy my teeth whitening experience. Do feel free to ask, if you have any questions on regarding Zoom Whitening.

Have you tried Teeth Whitening? Was it worth it?

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