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How long has it since anyone has visited the zoo?? I just went a couple months ago and I just recently looked at the pics I took. The last time I went was on a school field trip, but this time I really wanted to go and see how it has changed. This trip was totally different from when I went with my classmates. They did alot of upgrading and there were structures and play structures that they currently have that weren`t there before, like a small water structure where kids can actually play there. But I went there mainly too see the animals. It was soo exciting seeing them again. I love the bunny, it`s soo cute and the elephant, he`s just a gorgeous big fella. And the baboon...lol..omg... The one I took a pic of.. I think it`s a male. I was almost bursting out in laughter when he turned around. I don`t remember seeing one as a kid and never really looked up info on them so when I saw one in realy life I was in awww!!! But my favorite is that little creature in the 2 nd pic. I don`t recall what they are called but remember Lion King, it was one of those characters. Anyone know what they are called?? Actually I lied when I said they were my favorite. Yeah, I`m greedy, I have 2 favorites. The other one is the little tiny monkey in the 5th pic. He is just soo cute and small. I really wanted to pet him when I was there. I must say, the zoo is a really good place to have a fun and relaxing day with the family instead of going to the amusement park all the time.

When was the last time you visited the zoo and what animal particularly interested you??

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