Zombies, Run!

5 years ago

If a zombie apocalypse were to happen RIGHT NOW, would you be able to survive? Scary thought huh?

To be honest, I`m so out of shape that I`d probably become zombie bait. It`s okay... you can escape without me, I understand. So what`s the best way to train for the zombie apocalypse? To actually run from zombies, duh!

Okay maybe they`re not real zombies, but this is the closest we can get without the threat of losing our brains. This app is called "Zombies, Run!" and I honestly think it`s one of the best apps I`ve downloaded.

I`m a couch potato so getting me to run is quite a feat. But hey, I try. After trying this app out, I was seriously shocked how FUN it was to run.

So here`s a breakdown of what the app does:
- When you start running, you turn the app on and start a mission.
- While you`re running you can collect stuff for your civilization. The more stuff you collect, the better; you can level up your civilization and unlock more missions.
- There`s a little story behind the missions that you hear while you`re running. In between the stories you can listen to your playlist.
- After you complete a mission you can end the mission or continue with radio mode.
- You can brag and show off to your friends after each run; it can post to Twitter and Facebook.

What do you think of this app? Would you buy it? Do you think it`s a great idea? Do you think this would actually make you more fit and give you an incentive to run?

Speaking of running, I think I`m going to go for a run. Abel Township is counting on me!

Thanks for reading =)!
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Source link: http://www.zombiesrungame.com/

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