Zombie Marathon - Run If You Want To Live!

5 years ago

Get prepared because Zombies are here and they want to get your health to make them live!
Changing the marathon concept is zombie marathons and they are indeed real. The organization has zombie marathons planned in a lot of places and everybody can enter (as long as they pay of course) but the difference here is the encouragement given because you have to run away from Zombies.

Making us prepared for a possible zombie world domination, the runners in the marathon will have what is called a health flag ( the red flag) and the runner has to run away from the zombies that want to take that flag just as much as they want to take your heart out (not really lol)
In the marathon you have the regular human runners and then the people that go into the zombie transformation area and that chase down the runners. You will also have different obstacles to surpass during the race and always trying to escape the zombies during the 5K marathon.

I think the concept for this is super cool and i would agree to this quicker than for a regular marathon because it seems more fun and more like a game then actual exercise ( you do have to finish it lol).

Do you want to know if there will be a Zombie Marathon near you? Check here: http://runforyourlives.com/

Check out the video promo for the marathon(last "image" of the post) !

<strong>What do you think of a Zombie Marathon and have to run away from zombies? Would you do it?
Have you ever done a marathon?</strong>

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFRfL0fmAOU
- http://runforyourlives.com/race-day/photos/
- http://www.jacehallshow.com/blog/go-hard-outrun-zombies-in-5k-marathon/

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