Zombie land: my favorite part!

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Hi Luuuxers. I wanna brag about my favorite part to this movie. But first, let me just say, I`m not necessarily BIG on the whole zombie movies and what not, I prefer a little killer action. I don`t know, for instance; michael, Jason, Chucky, etc.!

But I had actually been told by my friend, Zully, that this movie was pretty funny. And hence the fact that I love killer/gory movies, I do enjoy some comedy from time to time.

Last night it was on TV, so I sat down to watch it with my friend and my sister. There was this one part that was my favorite. It was when this one guy was narrating how he had never hung out with a girl, and how this girl came out of nowhere banging on his door asking for help.

So then, this girl begins to tell him that she was being chased by a homeless man and how he tried to bite her. She falls asleep very gracefully on his shoulders. The next morning he wakes up and she`s all ugly and stinky looking (yeah a zombie, obviously)! lol!

So he tries to calm her down, he actually thinks he did something wrong and that she was mad at him. He then runs in to the bathroom and she sticks her foot in through the crack of the door and he smashes it til it`s like half off! LOL!

She find a way to still get in. Then the shower curain comes off and he tries to "drown her", if you will, with it by covering her face. But yuck, her tongue somehow goes through the plastic!!

And ofcourse, there`s a hole where she`s able to breathe from. lol. THen he sprays something in through the hole and you can hear her cough! LOL!

I love that scene! Have any of you Luuuxies wathced this? What ya think?

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