Zit Zapper : Thorough Review

4 years ago

I wanted to do a thorough review on the ELF Zit Zapper because it`s one of those items that people can be skeptical about because it only costs $1.

So what is it exactly? It`s as the name says, a zit Zapper. It helps with your occasional pop ups. It`s a solution of salicylic acid. For those of you who don`t know, salicylic acid is a common ingredient in most acne treatments. There are some who are allergic or their skin is too sensitive for it so always do a test spot on your arm.

So for $1, originally I wasn`t expecting it to work or do anything. To my surprise, this stuff actually works pretty well. It works well for me when redness is starting to appear indicating a change in hormones in my body which eventually leads to a Breakout in my t-zone. What I do is roll it all over the problem areas once I start noticing the redness before I go to sleep. After a few days of this and the redness is gone.

For $1 it`s definitely worth a try. If it doesn`t work, you would have only wasted a dollar and a few cents.

Have any of you guys tried this stuff? How do you like it?

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