Zico coconut water

hey luuuxers,

it seems like coconut water is super trendy. i`ve seen a bunch of celebrities and tv shows that featured it. apparently it`s supposed to be very good for you. i was at open gym, and one of my old coaches had a bunch of zico coconut water. although, i don`t like coconut, i was super curious and asked about them. he said it was chalk full of potassium and good for hydration. lol and that his wife bought it so he drank it.

while i was at trader joes the other day i grabbed a few of these just cause i was curious....man i was so right. i do not like coconut. i was not a fan of this. it was okay but the taste was too weird and coconuty for me. i don`t think i`ll try this on again :/

<3, jane

have you guys tried this??

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