Zevia Cola + Ginger Root Beer

5 years ago

I was browsing through the drinks aisle at the grocery store today, when I saw that Zevia drinks were on special. I had never tried them before, so I thought I`d give them a shot.

Zevia is a calorie-free soda that is sweetned with stevia, a natural sweetener. Stevia contains zero calories, and has Glycemic Index (GI) score of zero. I`m sure it`s not as bad for you as artificial sweeteners, but I am not sure as to whether or not it`s actually "healthy". I`ve been abstaining from soda, and drinking mineral water, tea, and coconut water instead for the past several weeks, but felt like treating myself to a couple of sodas. :) A drink with stevia is probably better than one with an artificial sweetener, right? I hope so, lol.

Anyways, on to the taste tests! I tried two different varieties: Cola and Ginger Root Beer. The Cola flavour didn`t *quite* taste like cola. It was a pseudo-cola! It was kind of bland and uninteresting, so I probably won`t be re-purchasing that flavour. The Ginger Root Beer was interesting! It sort of tasted like a cross between ginger ale and root beer, which was pretty yummy. The only thing was that it got way too sweet about halfway through the drink. For those of you who haven`t tried stevia, it does have a distinctive aftertaste. The aftertaste was really strong in the Ginger Root Beer drink - I think there was just too much stevia in it. :/ I liked the flavour of this drink at first, but I think it was just too sweet for me. I might not repurchase this flavour, either.

I`m not sold on these Zevia drinks. I`d probably only recommend them to someone who wants a calorie-free soda without artificial sweeteners in it.

<strong>Have you trie d Zevia, or stevia?</strong>

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