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4 years ago

-I love this game and i am not over exaggerating. I really love this game. this is my favorite Zelda game ever; the music, the bosses, and the over world; it was all just so amazing. It`s also the most comical Zelda game; its pretty funny. After your done reading this, just go play the game; i promise this game will exceed your expectations.

-It`s Link`s birthday and he`s walked to his grandmother`s house to get a present, a green costume that is given to every boy after they`ve reached a certain age on his home of Outset Island. It`s a tradition, for there was once a great hero who donned the same outfit and fought away a dark evil that threatened to rule the land. Little does Link know that before the end of the day his sister will be kidnapped, he will embark on a long and troubled quest with a group of pirates, and by the time his journey has truly ended he too will be a legend. Wind Waker`s story, like so many Nintendo games, let alone Zelda titles, initially revolves around rescuing the damsel in distress. But, as players advance, there will be delightfully unexpected twists and turns that separate them from the main adventure, to a small quest that unlocks an awesome hidden power. The character will encounter recognizable figures from the past, meet new friends, and likewise visit both familiar and completely fresh locations.Wind Waker`s story nonetheless can and often does charm with a splash of good-natured cute, a pinch of dark and moody, and a spoon full of intense action.

-bottom line is I love this game and you should too, This has been an Ace review, thanks for reading.
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