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Hello guys !

I am pissed off again. But this time the reason was not the luuux but my school... They changed lesson plan again and nobody told me about it. Uhhh... This is really frustrating because i drive to school by Taxi so i need to pay for it. And this was 10000 time when i came to school and bum sorry but we don`t have lessons -.- It`s like curse or something ;D
Anyway i need to save up mor points because my lovely Louis Vuitton Tivoli bag is waiting for me in luuux store ;D
But we should back to the outfit i think. You probably all recognize Zac Efron. Yeee he was that cute, sweet little boy from High School Musical with lovely girlfriend... I don`t know how about you but i am really really glad that he changed the hairdo for some more mautre. He just looked like Bieber, uhhh. More changes ? He went to the gym. Just look at his muscles. If you want more just google his pictures from beach ;) Maby this photos are not the best but i really love how he looks now. This pictures was taken when he arrived at LAX airport.
One thing that i hate there is his mustache !!! I really don`t understand why so many men has got a mustache...Do you remember Brad Pitt with it ? And huuuge beard ? Yeeeah that was really stupid trend. Hope that Zac will cut this off.
If we are talking about clothes he was wearing only blue polo t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers, sunglasses, cap, and huuge white bag. It was shirt trip i think because he doesn`t have any other luggage.
Anyway in my opinion this is HIT look. We definitely need more male OOTD`s there on luuux.

What do you think ?


*picture is not my*

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