Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator 30-Day Experiment

You may remember a little while back I mentioned that my mother and I were participating in the Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator 30-Day Skincare Experiment. My apologies that it has taken so long to report back, but nevertheless, its time to talk about how it went!

As I mentioned, we each swapped our skincare routines for a few products from the new skincare line; the Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Serum ($150 USD), the Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator SPF15 Day Crème ($150 USD) and the Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème ($95 USD). If you want to give the skincare system a try, there is also a great value kit that includes trial sizes of these three products for only $135 USD.

You can learn more about the line here, but essentially it is an anti-aging skincare regime developed around the major breakthrough science of Glycobiology. Scientists have been working in the field for over 20 years to understand the role of glycans in skin regeneration. As a quick science lesson, glycans are essentially sugar molecules naturally found in the body, and they help to ensure proper skin regeneration.

Over time, the number of glycans in our cells diminishes with age, hindering the regeneration process (and leading to visible signs of aging). The Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Line uses a patented complex of 3 glycans called Glycanactif to work just like your natural glycans, to boost skin regeneration and strengthen your cells. This results in improved radiance, anti-wrinkle lift and plumping of the skin in one month.

One month? One month is hardly enough time to see any result from a skincare system but we put it to the test!

Now that you know a little bit about the science behind the system Ill talk about our experience with the products. My mother and I both have similar tastes in skincare, so our feelings were mutual on the products. The Serum was by far our favorite product, it had a wonderful, silky consistency that really absorbed well into the skin, and a little went a very long way (good- the price of this bottle is not cheap)! The serum really left our skin looking radiant and hydrated!

The SPF 15 Day Crème also had a pleasant texture- very silky, smooth and left our skin feeling comfortable (not greasy, not dry). A little also went a very long way with this cream, and even though it had sunscreen in it, it didnt smell bad. It had a light fragrance, and even though both my mother and I dislike any fragrance in facial skincare, we didnt mind it (and actually grew to like the scent a bit). Her skin is drier than mine, yet we both really liked the moisturizer!

The Eye Crème was also a great product; scent-free and super rich, it left the skin around our eyes plump and glowing. Yet again, only a tiny bit was needed. Overall the skincare line felt wonderful on the skin, but so do lots of other skincare regimes for a fraction of the price so we were both really curious to see the results.

For myself, I had a wonderful start. Within the first 3 days, I noticed an incredible improvement in my skin tone and texture. My congested pores and old blemish scars were disappearing so fast! My skin was glowing, and for the first time in a long time, I left the house (confidently) without any makeup on. I really was on cloud nine, and thought Id devote myself to this pricey system for the rest of my life. After about two weeks, I stopped seeing improvement. While I didnt have any wrinkles or fine lines to really combat, it was my overall skintone I was looking at. The blemishes and clogged pores started to come back, and by the end of the experiment, my skin didnt really look as radiant as it did after I had started. This isnt new though- this happens every time I try a new skincare routine. It works wonders for the first little while, but then sure enough my skin returns to its troubled state. I wasnt too happy, but then again, the skincare system didnt make my skin worse (and my wallet let out a sigh of relief)! I didnt include my before and after photos because really, theres no difference.

My mothers experience was a different one. She didnt really notice anything at first it took a couple weeks before she actually admitted to feeling a bit firmer and noticing a bit of softening in her fine lines. She loved the feel and texture of the skincare system (its really the first luxury skincare shes ever used), so she kept with it. By the end of the experiment, she felt a bit of a difference, but wasnt sure how much of a difference it made (and by that, I believe she meant is it enough to justify the price). I was quite impressed when I saw her before and after photos- there isnt a huge difference in the nasolabial fold (which she claims is pronounced due to sleeping on that side), but the fine lines on her cheek certainly softened. Her crows feet also appeared less pronounced, as did the horizontal lines in her forehead. I think these are probably the best results Ive seen from a skincare system, and only after a few weeks of use too! My mom continues to use the skincare system.

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