Yves Rocher [Self-Tanner]

4 years ago

I always wanted a Self-Tanner. You may think that I don`t need because I`m already brunnete but I have a problem that I don`t know if many people have it too. In the Winter I look like I`m <em>yellow</em> and I`m not kidding. Don`t ask me how because I personaly don`t know. So, to solve the problem I was using makeup everyday but I stop because it`s not healthy for me skin and my skin was gain bubbles <em>(arrg!)</em>. Well, to solve the problem in a "natural" way so I was looking for Self-Tanners of a lot of brands. I found Self-Tanners of Boticario, Nivea, Dove (...) but I didn`t find them in the supermarkets. I have a friend who her mother works in Yves Rocher, so I decided to try that Self-Tanner.

<strong>About the Self-Tanner of Yves Rocher:</strong>
This self-tanner is really soft. The color that it gives you is really good because it doesn`t make you look "artificial" so, that`s why I love it. This self-tanner is only for the face. The smell is good which is SO cool because all the self-tanners that I listen to talk about smells really nasty. For who doesn`t know how to avoid to look very "white" or "yellow" this is the perfect solution (it helps for me, so it can also helps for you too!).

<em>The text was ALL written by me.</em>
<em>The image is mine.</em>

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