Yummy Chocolate Croissants

4 years ago

I found these croissants at the grocery, purely on accident. I had walked in to pick some items up and found these near the front of the store on one of the displays. None of my local grocery stores EVER sell croissants, let alone chocolate croissants. I saw the package stated they were sugar free, so I flipped the pack over and read the label. Not bad stats (Weight Watchers wise) so I put them in my cart. When I bought some chocolate croissants last time I got them at Trader Joe`s and paid like $5-6 for 3 croissants which were MUCH higher in fat, calories, etc. I paid $2.99 for these AND I got six in the package.

They`re individually wrapped to maintain freshness and they are actually really good! I microwave one after unwrapping for 10-15 seconds, let cool for a few, then enjoy. They are so yummy because the chocolate gets nice and gooey and the croissant itself gets a bit warm. I really enjoy these and they don`t taste sugar free -- they taste just like the regular ones I had picked up at Trader Joe`s.

Do you like chocolate croissants?

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