Yummy Cheese Pizza!

5 years ago

While out and about with my boyfriend yesterday doing a little celebrating, I spotted a Greek bakery in town. I decided to stop to see what they had because I find it so difficult to find Greek pastry outside of the festival months. They had a ton of pastry, so I god a few -- which I`ll do a post about later, but they were also selling slices of pizza for $1.50. I was quite hungry, so I ordered a slice to try out. I was a little intrigued because around here when you order pizza at a Greek pizzeria you end up getting round pizza which is made in a pan and cooked in an oven. This was square which reminded me of what we call "beach pizza".

The slice was really good in fact. What they do is cook the dough and sauce together, then when you order it they add the cheese or toppings you wish and finish cooking through. My boyfriend who has this hate relationship when it comes to cheese that has been "cooked" wouldn`t touch it. He`ll eat regular pizza as long as it`s not smothered in cheese and there HAS to be pepperoni on it. The crust was nice and crunchy, but somewhat soft, the sauce was really thick, not runny and the cheese was nice and gooey. Overall a delicious slice of pizza! Definitely one I`ll be having again whenever we find ourselves in that neighborhood.

Do you sometimes buy pizza just to try it out?

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