YSL Arty Ring Dupes!

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Thanks to Liliana L, I ordered these gorgeous YSL Art ring dupes from Ebay about a week or two ago. I`ve never been crazy over jewelry, but recently, it`s been kind of an obsession. lol

I finally got around to purchasing these off ebay for only $1.79 each + FREE shipping! I decided to get the turquoise, red, and black one. I was so so excited for these to arrive! However, I was very disappointed.

First off, the turquoise one had a little crack on the side of it, which totally makes me mad. /= Secondly, the size of the rings are NOT adjustable, which leads to my next point. They`re TOO SMALL for my fingers! )= I normally wear around a size 6-7 on my middle fingers for rings like these and they`re too small! They won`t even fit my ring finger, which is around a size 5 on my right hand. )= You have no idea how sad I was when I tried them on and only one fit, the red one (pictured above).

I heard from other Luuuxers who wrote me in Instagram and said theirs were too small for them too! Unfortunately, I don`t know how I would be able to order a "correct" size off of ebay.. if you know how, please do share! Thanks!

As far as the quality goes on these, they`re obviously not going to be made as nice as the original YSL ones, but they`re not too bad. The metal is quite tough and seems to be relatively decent for paying less than $2 for these.

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