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A German court ruled that YouTube has not done enough to filter the content inserted into the video site, which can lead to heavy fines.

The decision came from the German court in Hamburg, a process between YouTube, owned by Google, and GEMA, the German agency that represents more than 60,000 artists.

The Hamburg court realizes that YouTube is not responsible for the content that users download, however, says that the installed filters are not sufficient.

GEMA wants that YouTube has to pay 0.60 cents for each video stream 7, values of up to EUR 328 000 per song, but YouTube has offered a percentage of advertising revenue.

GEMA considers this decision a victory, so that the German court has indicated that YouTube is not doing enough and that may pay compensation.

Google considers a partial victory because the court indicated that YouTube is not responsible for what is downloaded by users, and already has several ways to denounce situations of violation of copyright. Google will appeal.

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