You`re wrist can tell you if you have bad breath!?

so I saw an article today on how to tell if your breath smells, apparently if your wrist smells chances are so does your breath!

Article from yahoo_____

Bad breath can be embarrassing and all the worse because often, the sufferer is the last person to know about it.
But aside from the obvious issues about dental hygiene and the risk of putting off prospective beaus, what else can a bout of halitosis mean?
While health experts say the majority of cases can be put down to eating smelly foods, smoking or failing to properly look after your teeth, in around 10 per cent of instances, hidden diseases can be to blame.
So how can you tell if you have a problem and if that whiff is a sign of something more than the curry the night before?
Leading medical research group the Mayo Clinic advises asking a pal if you think you may have breath issues because its difficult to assess how your own breath smells.
If you cant face that, the NHS suggests licking the inside of your wrist with the back of your tongue and waiting for a few seconds until the saliva dries: If your wrist smells unpleasant, its likely that your breath does too.

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