Your Smoothest Shave Ever

5 years ago

With summer coming up it`s time to ditch the pants and grab your razor to get your legs ready for short and dresses and swim suits! There are several things I do when I shave during the summer to keep my legs looking their best.

1. Exfoliate. I cannot stress this enough, no matter how much lotion you apply, nothing will make your legs as silky smooth as proper exfoliation. I recently purchased a body brush off for around $5. The bristles are firm enough to slough off all the dead skin, but soft enough so that they don`t irritate my skin. I use it to scrub my whole body with Dial bodywash.

2. Shave. I have tried several types of razors, but my favorite by far is the Venus Embrace. The five blades give you a fantastically close shave. Change your razor often for the best results - a dull razor is never good. I use Skinitmate raspberry shave gel - I don`t think your shaving cream type matters too much as long as you do actually use shaving cream. I like this one because it smells like a garden stuck inside a rain forest covered in the ripest, freshest fruit ever, and the scent still isn`t overpowering at all.

3. Moisturize. I go back and forth between Aveeno unscented daily moisturizer and Suave Advanced Therapy unscented moisturizer depending on how much cash I`ve got when I go to buy new lotion.

4. Optional: Tanning Lotion. I like Jergens Natural Glow for fair skin - the smell is a little strong, but it gives me a subtle glow that is so pretty and definitely noticeable.

Bonus tip: Exercise. There is nothing like running and squats to get your legs looking as shapely as possible. No amount of exfoliating and shaving is going give you toned legs.

Bonus tip 2: This is fantastic for your bikini line too - exfoliating down there makes all the difference for avoiding unsightly bumps, whether you shave or wax.

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