Your Photos Are Not Safe - Security Flaw on iOSampAndroid

5 years ago

Having one of the most popular OS can be cool, from a lot of development and tweaks to thousands, even millions, of apps but it also has its disadvantages.
Both iOS and Android seem to have a security problem and both of them have the same one because they let apps access your photos without your permission or even knowing.
In iOS, an app can get access to your photos when it asks you to allow the app to get your location, something that a lot of apps do and now im glad i always press "dont allow". So you allow them to get access to your location but they also get access to your photos.
On Android its even worse because it doesn`t even ask for permission for anything and even when an app doest require any permission when you install it, it can still access your photos.

This is a huge security flaw, i mean, a developer anywhere in the world can get your pictures without you knowing.
The creators of both OS know the flaw but until now we don`t know when it will be fixed.

<strong>Did you know about this security flaw? Does it freak you out that other people can access your photos without you knowing?</strong>

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