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4 years ago

Hey guys :)
I guess everybody has heard of the sneaker wedges right now, a normal high top sneaker with a hidden wedge inside. So you actually get the height of a heel, but it looks like you have just normal sneakers on, well it should at least, but I think you can easily tell if someone`s wearing sneaker wedges :D

I just wanted your opinion on this new style of shoe, and yeah I know it`s not thaaat new, but I feel like I see it EVERYWHERE right now!

I have kind of a funny story with these shoes. I work in a clothing store and one day we got sneaker wedges delivered and I thought `Ugh who is ever gonna buy these?`. I really thought they were ugly.
I came home this evening and watched the newest video of FleurdeForce on youtube, where she actually got these shoes! :D I was like whhhaaat because she`s actually the last person on earth I could think of getting these shoes :D:D

Me personally, I don`t really like sneaker wedges. Now that I`ve seen some people wearing them, I think they can look cute on.
Also I only kinda like black ones, every other color doesn`t look that good on.

What do you think about this trend?
Do you own a pair of sneaker wedges or do you plan on getting some?

Thank you for reading <3

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