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5 years ago

Do you watch the news... do you ever wonder if you`re getting the right information? Even though its not big in the news right now but the Israeli occupation of Palestine has been going on for over 62 years you`d think its okay that now they have lived this way for 62 years? wouldnt that take lots of money for such a small state such as Israel ? nope because we fund them $3 billion every year in warfare and we are in dept :) yep your taxes pay for war more than anything else. You`d think the UN would stop this ... while in fact the UN started this 62 years ago and now has no control . REMEMBER the Holocaust ... well its back with a new kind of ethnic cleansing this time the Palestinians are the target ....... im not saying pay your taxes ... just watch the news it might tell you something going on outside of the us or better yet experience it for yourself visit Iraq or Palestine or Syria *pictures not mine * if you want to see the similarities between the Nazi war time and the Israeli occupation of Palestine the link below has a lot of info
so do you pay attention to your news?

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