Your Biggest Problems--solve :- Problem Split Ends

Splits ends occur when hair is damaged or excessively dry, cause=ing the outer protective cuticle to break away, revealing separated layers within the strand. Too much heat styling is one of the main causes of split ends because the high temperatures cause the hair to dry out.

The Solution: There`s no treatment for split ends, so the best way to deal with them is to cut them off to avoid it from spreading uo the shaft of the hair and becoming longer. It`s always best to get them they`re still fresh and small.
Always condition your hair to keep it as nourished as possible. Also, try and avoid heat stylling whenever you can opt instead for air drying. But if you really can`t live without your daily blow-dry and starightenting iron, make sure you protect your hair first with a good heat protection product and then use the appliance on a medium setting to minimize the damage

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