Young Jeezy - Amazin`

Can you please mothafuckin` rise
For the national mothafuckin` trap star anthem
Let`s go

[Chorus x2]
Cause bitch I`m amazing`, look what I`m blazin`
Eyes so low, yea I look like an Asian
Forever clubbin`, forever thuggin`
Haters run they mouth, they ain`t talkin` bout nothin`

[Verse 1]
Cause Bitch I`m amazin`
Closed door armour, lookin` like it`s miller times
Sixty Seven diamond chain, who he think he Busta Rhymes
Bitch I bust a lot of rhymes, could of done a lot of time
And I ain`t never snorted shit, put it all up on the line
Got a lot up on my mind, got a lot up on my plate
Got to feed my hood, So I`m up and down the interstate
The streets need a nigga, so I`m in and out that vocal booth
Hoes love a nigga, cause I`m in and out they yellow coupe
But nuttin but banana split, say that I`m her favourite
If you can take a lot of dick, I can talk a lot of shit
Go on baby swag it up, show them haters who your with
Bring you want that gangsta shit, who you niggas fuckin` with


[Verse 2]
Cause Bitch I`m amazin`
First I sold two mill, then I sold another one
Told them if you pay for three, that I will front another one
Told them if they give me this, then I`ll record another one
But if you can not give me that, ain`t no sense in callin` back
Fuck you think they sell me for, fuck you think they find me at
Damn right American, I`m gonna need a bigger hat
Close your eyes imagine this, gonna need a bigger safe
I got bills up in that bitch, that bitch stacked up since 98
Let `em talk, let `em hate, watch them lick the navigate
If you touch `em, wipe `em off
Bring a brush, then take em off
I can make an avalanche and I ain`t talkin Chevy trucks
Call me Georgia lottery cause I`ll be talkin mega bucks


[Verse 3]
Cause Bitch I`m amazin`
Must of spent ten grand to make they coupe stand taller
First round draft pick, yea I`m mother fuckin balla
Just right your number down, baby girl I might call ya
If she give it to me now, she won`t live to see tomorrow
And if she playin` with it, she won`t make it thru the night
Before the song with kanye, I had my money right
Used to call me vice grips, yea I get my money tight
Now it`s time to re up, then I make my money white
You can catch me at my jewel, yea I like my money bright
You can find me at the lot, yea I like my money fast
Two hundred on the gas, two hundred on the dash
Yea I`m spendin` all money, now I`m livin` in the past


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