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Freedom of religion means all religions!
I have to say something.
Respect all religions. I am tired of people saying mean things about others. Like do you realy have to be that mean. My friend is musslim and when it first was pig meat in school every guy was like: Why arent you eating are you afraid of the food. Why WHY are you saying that to her.
In africa there was a bench and guess what the sign said... Only for white! Not black!
I was angry on the king or president or whatever.
How can you do that. Arent you supose to be kind and having people adore you. I dont understand it at all. Do you thing the same. Let me know in the coments. I want the world to bee free of people who are mean to others.
Stop if you are one of those.
I have some things to say to those out there:

Why are you so mean?

Is it fun?

Tell me!

Dont lie!

Stop being a bad person.
I dont belive in god but what he wants is freedom and no more war. If he exist let us give him that.
/Hanna Andréasson

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