You paid $68 for ENERGY drinks!?

4 years ago

Thats the exact thing I said when I saw the packing list that came with a case of <strong>Verve energy drinks</strong> my boyfriend purchased. Well, he purchased them because his half-brother became a representative for an energy drink company (think a pyramid scheme similar to Mary Kay, etc.) He ordered them and with shipping and tax it cost around $85. I was quite appalled at the price. There are 24 cans in a case and it turned out to be around $3.50 a can when you divided it out. And here I thought Redbull was ridiculously priced!

<strong>BUT</strong> on the flip of the coin I will say these are all natural energy drinks and they do taste REALLY good. I happen to hate the taste of Redbull, but these taste like pineapple orange. Its a really tasty flavor and youre not even really aware that youre drinking an energy drink. You can check out the company website which shows the product comparison against the energy drinks which are on the market today:

Of course now that Ive gotten over the price per can, I noticed they sell a sugar free version and I asked my boyfriend if he could ask his brother how the sugar free version tastes. If it tastes anything like the regular (which has some sugars in it) Im like hmmm.

Have you ever tried Verve energy drinks before?

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