You know what it is...Bl...PAUL FRANK!

4 years ago

My boyfriend and I recently got new phone cases ! I used to have a white "Paul Frank" blackberry case that my boyfriend got for me (when we were just seeing) but, he got me the wrong case so I had to repeatively remove the case whenever I wanted to take a picture ( the case covered the camera lens)! I got my boyfriend a white "Paul Frank" iphone case but, it is not so broken!!!

We went to get new cases for our phones ! This time, we chose to get a black case and a yellow case because when we were friends.. I was known as <Strong>Black and Yellow</strong>

~<strong>Story time</strong>~

When my boyfriend and I were just friends we would just casually text each other .. A LOT LOl ! There was a day my boyfriend waited for me to finish for work corrections with another fellow friend. We were talking while I was working on it and he asked "Why are your teeth so yellow? Do you smoke?" <strong>HE`S RUDE I KNOW!!!</STRONG> So that`s how the yellow part of black and yellow was created. For the black part, there was a time he came over to help with a project and I did not realize that I had oreo crumbs on lips and he said EW whats that black stuff on your mouth, SO DISGUSTING ... <strong>He said that OUTLOUD where everyone could hear... rude again </strong>! That is how black and yellow started :( LOL good memories though :)

Back to the cases
I guess Paul Frank is our main cartoon <3 The cartoon is so cute and the cases are very cute. On the iphone, the paul frank figure is a 3D figure but mine isn`t so 3D!! After another year, we will probably wreck our cases and possibly get another of these CUTE paul frank cases haha :P

<strong>What do you think of the paul frank cases? </strong>

take care
the picture above is mine*

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