You can eat that slice of cake... Even if you`re on a quotDIET!quot

4 years ago

Good afternoon my fellow bloggers! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your day, if it`s not already in the depths of darkness depending on where you are in the world.

Today I`ve chosen to discuss the oh-so-famous contradiction: you can be fit and healthy yet STILL enjoy your favorite foods. Hardcore fitness enthusiasts are the ones who mostly disagree with that statement, but let me provide my own view point.

Going off of my personal experience, lately I`ve gotten into eating healthier, more whole and natural foods due to being unsatisfied with the way I`ve been feeling. Each day, due to what I was consuming, I was feeling as though the day was only dragging on. I felt tired the entire day (seriously, I could`ve napped at any given point if you let me!), and I wasn`t feeling productive. Every single day that passed by I felt as though I really wasn`t getting much out of it; I was living to watch the day stride beside me.

In the beginning of this journey, I started off by eating better and more satisfying foods, and then I progressed to squeezing cardio into my schedule. I had already been doing yoga 3-4 days a week, but I decided that I would go ahead and add something different. Yoga has been an AMAZING way to relieve stress for me (I highly recommend it for anyone who feels anxious often). However, it wasn`t doing much for my attitude when it came to my capacity for an improved day. That`s when I introduced cardio to those 3-4 days, but now it`s grown up to 5 days a week.

Cardio with the addition of yoga as well my new and revised food intake, I`ve been feeling 100X energized and available to work at my full potential. Now I bet some of you are wondering, "well if you weren`t feeling your best for so long, why didn`t you start this lifestyle change a while ago?" And to answer that question, I`m going to tie in that concept of how you can still eat that slice of cake and be fit at the same time.

I steered away from a well-balanced nutritional way of living for these following reasons: I was on point for a healthy weight for my height and age and I didn`t want to sacrifice my favorite things to eat. I basically lived with that mentality of "what if I die tomorrow?! Might as well eat that pasta and finish it off with a cheesecake!" ... So that`s what I stuck to for rationalizing my food intake. Soon I began to notice some differences though. Like I mentioned, I became fatigued incredibly easily, and physically: things weren`t looking so good anymore. I was still at a healthy weight, but my body didn`t look that way. I rapidly made the choice to change my mentality: the KEY to success when you`re on your way to a change in your internal as well as external health.

As I began to be additionally physically active and eat more nourishing foods, I took note on how that dreadful thought of mine was beginning to re-appear - "what if I die tomorrow?! Might as well eat that pasta and finish it off with a cheesecake!" That`s when I realized, though, that I CAN eat that pasta and cheesecake... The gold jackpot is hit, however, when you begin to think about things in a positive way in terms of health.

If you`re taking wonderful steps in terms of exercise and a well balanced food schedule (notice I didn`t say diet - diet`s don`t last; at least not in my experience), then you in fact CAN enjoy your favorite foods. If you`re living healthily 90% of the time, you can use that 10% to munch on your cravings. In my book, it`s all about self control and balance.

When you do well, you can eat well.
AKA work hard, play hard.
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