You burn more calories sleeping than watching tv?!

4 years ago

When I first heard that you burn more calories sleeping than watching tv, I pulled a `you gotta be kidding me?` face. Sleeping and sitting and watching tv are almost the don`t really move! Well, that`s not the case apparently. According to the article (posted below in source link), it is fact that you burn more calories sleeping than watching tv.

"The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the minimum rate at which your body burns calories when at rest. The older you get, the lower the BMR. There are various ways to increase the amount of calories burnt during sleep, for example, by turning down the heater, avoiding eating carbohydrates for at least six hours before going to bed and drinking green tea just before you sleep. In case of watching TV you burn only 56 calories per hour and also increase your appetite by watching ads of different edibles."

When you`re watching tv, you`ll tend to be snacking, and that makes you more prone to gaining weight. However, a good night rest is always the best. Do anyone agree with this?

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