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4 years ago

I`ve always been that girl who doubted herself, who kept her feelings all to herself. Who would cry herself to sleep, who would bottle up her feelings and breakdown when she couldnt handle it anymore. Who would push people away because she thought no one could understand what shes going through. Who compares herself to people she sees in magazines, To celebrities. I`ve always been that girl who wanted to make a change. To be someone little girls look up to. I wanna make a difference. Today i did research on organizations that empower young women like me to believe in their selves. That they are beautiful human beings and that they shouldnt change one thing about them. You should love your body and who you are, you are yourself you are a beautiful unique person and no one else in this world is like you. That you should stop comparing yourself to other people, people you see in magazines because to be honest, those pictures have probably been photo shopped. That girls should stop starving themselves cause they think they arent skinny enough, everyone no matter shape,size,race,etc are beautiful. Stop bullying other people because they dont reach up your expectations. Stop the self harm, stop it all. Just know that you are loved and not alone. Stand up for yourself, what you believe in. Stop all the hate and work together to do the unthinkable. Use your voices to make a difference to help others. Most important love yourself. I believe that there arent many media about girl empowerment, but there are many organizations that you should check out. like I am that girl. . I strongly believe in this organization, yall should check em out. One day we can make a change, I believe that there also arent many movies,shows,videos about girl empowerment. I wanna change that, so if your interested message me,tweet me @ ohhhmypamela, kik me @ohhmypamela email-me @! Together we can make a difference<3. I can go on and on about this topic but i guess im done for now

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