YotaPhone: two faces of the smartphone

The Russian network operator Yota has decided to develop its own smartphone and is not that came with a great idea? The YotaPhone promises a new and interesting concept: having an LCD screen and an e-ink screen on the same device!

The idea is simple: a smartphone with one screen on each side being that both screens are tactile. One of these screens, the front is a 4.3-inch HD LCD with high quality and the other rear is an EPD Eink also with 4.3 inches.

The E-ink screens are not only great for reading as they consume very little electricity. Actually this type of display consumes only when it is updated, so it is common to see eBooks always screen image even when "off".
The YotaPhone allows the use of screens to be a criterion of the user and it is possible to pass we see a screen to the other.

But do not think that this device is only screens. Also has (enough) to process all muscle. I leave you with a list of features as below:

SoC cores with Dual-Core Cortex-A15-based Qualcomm;
2GB of RAM;
Photo sensor with 12MP;
Android 4.2 of origin;

The YotaPhone also has the usual connections (WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and 4G access networks). Also comes with a small physical control in order to control the screen Eink and even a magnetic adapter for charging and data transfer via USB.

The YotaPhone should be marketed next year but most likely only in Russia and beyond. Hopefully also come here because we have a smartphone "normal" and a digital book reader (with screen adapted to it) on the same device is indeed an excellent idea!

Picture is not mine!

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