Yokohoma, Japan a tourist dream

I was fascinated with Yokohoma, the busy port in Japan`s main island of Honshu. Stationed in Yokosuka in the US Navy I traveled by their state of the art train system the hour to Yokohoma at least three times per week. It has a venue for every tourist. Dining, shopping, history, archaeology, and night life second to none are all venues within Yokohoma. Also professional baseball, theater, soccer, and water sports are easily accessed at this hub for those touring Japan. This far east island has seen it`s share of disaster with the earthquake a couple of years ago that rocked the island. However, the Japanese are formidable people who have rebuilt and their economy is flourishing again. Yokohoma would be my pick for the Westerner who wants to experience eastern food, philosophy and life. However, Tokyo, Shinegawa, Shibuya, and Shinju-ki are only 45 minutes away by train. The Japaneese train system is second to none. The friendly people and staff are always willing to give a helping hand to make sure you get on the right train. They also appreciate those who try to speak their language as it gives them a chance to speak back in English. This usually ends with the tourist getting on the right train while laughs are echoed because both languages were spoken wrong. Yet, though the language may have been blundered the Japanese are friendly people who enjoy meeting Westerners and learning our language as we learn theirs and their amazing historical culture. I would also recommend Kamakura which is on the same train line as Tokyo, Yokohoma and Yokosuka as it will take you to Kamakura`s fascinating shrines. I will never forget Japan and her wonderful people.
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