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Yogventures is a game. It hasn`t been released yet, it is still in Alpha mode of production. As you can probably tell from the title, the game is an idea made from the Yogscast, but they are not producing it (since they can`t even manage to kill a creeper), however they have the right men for the job, and they are ready for the testing stages. Apparently, the game is going to be a bit like Minecraft, only there is less of a limit on things. Also, it is more `cartoon-y`, the items aren`t limited onto blocks, so you can even have some jaffas. Also, the main character, Simon aka Honeydew, has a massive wardrobe full of beards. Yes, you read that correctly, BEARDS. You can have your beard plaited, tied up or just flowing out.

The second image is a print-screen shot from inside the game, and the character is honeydew. The reason that Jaffa Cakes (renamed Joffo Cakes, for Trademark reasons) are involved in the game, is because Simon is obsessed with Jaffa cakes, and he loves them so much, that he thought it would be a great idea to represent it in the game. Also, they have recently added Ice biomes and Volcano biomes to the game, making it that much more varied. The fourth picture shows Xephos aka Lewis, who is another main character, and he is taller in the game, thanks to multiple people and Simon himself believing that Simon is a dwarf. Lewis does not have many customizations yet, but there are some still to come, as they do not have much ideas yet. From the fifth picture, you can see Simon`s room full of Joffa Cakes, and he (Supposedly, but not literally, it is a joke) spent the money that people kindly donated for the game to be produced, on Joffas. Xephos comes up and tells Simon off for being such a `naughty boy`.

I think this game has still got alot of work to get, however the game looks great so far, and I can`t wait until it is released! You can get the game now, all you have to do is donate money to the following link, the more you donate, the more you will receive: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/winterkewlgames/yogventures

Source link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/winterkewlgames/yogventures

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