it`s hello kitty/sanrio month at yogurtland! sadly, there isn`t any cat-flavoured frozen yogurt, nor even a dead-eyed giant hello kitty-garbed employee to loom over you. however, there are appropriately themed cups and four different spoons, and a smattering of merchandise that screams "MOOOOOMMMMMMMMY BUY MEEEEEEE BUY MEEEEEE NOW WHILE I AM ON THIS MASSIVE SUGAR HIGH". (because that`s much more interesting than "miaow".) there are sanrio characters bedecking the walls, and helpful flavour-pairing suggestions (chococat swears she loves chocolate yogurt with peanuts, and keroppi likes anchovy yogurt with dead flies plain tart frozen yogurt with gummy worms. because he is a purist.) so for the next four weeks or so, be prepared to battle little and not-s0-little girls in already crowded lines for your next fix of dragonfruit or taro frozen yogurt.

not-so-secretly (because i am asian and i am a girl) i love it. i`ve drunk the kool-aid of the hello kitty pop cultural church.

but seriously, this is marketing genius, and yogurtland rocks for that. if they bring back a tokidoki partnership, or do a domo promo, i might have to pledge allegiance to the united state of yogurtland. and to the consumer republic for which it stands.

agaƱa shopping center, next to wendy`s.

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