Yoga for the Face?

Do you practice face yoga? First off, what is face yoga? Apparently by practicing face yoga, you will prevent those fine lines, wrinkles basically "aging" of the face. Face yoga is a natural alternative to Botox and other cosmetic procedures plus everyone can do face yoga and for FREE.

Here are some face yoga tips:

Free your tongue, stick your tongue out for 60 secs
Temple Dancer Eyes - move your eye balls toward left... then right to prevent sagging skin and crow`s feet for the eyes
Smiling Fish - Purse your lips and then smile a bit
Marilyn - Blow kisses while keeping your forehead smooth
Satchmo - Puff your face like a fish
For more tips:,29307,1683326_1484583,00.html

By doing these face yoga workouts you`re tightening your face muscles and toning them out to prevent aging/fine lines/wrinkles.

<strong>Did you know there was such thing as face yoga? Are you going to try it out?</strong> I didn`t know face yoga was such thing but I do know if you smile a lot your face/skin is better because you`re happy. :)

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