Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain

5 years ago

I have been having neck and shoulder pain for years and have spent a lot of money on physiotherapy but it hasn`t helped that much and still interferes with my daily life. I get a lot of tension headaches and dizziness from low blood pressure since my cervical spine gets compressed by the muscle tension.

I have now turned to yoga as a way to help relieve the pain and hopefully heal my torn muscles. I just started practising today with DVDs that I borrowed from the library and videos that I have found online.

I found one particular video online that had a very easy and relaxing routine, which I have posted the link to. This routine seemed perfect for a beginner because it had a lot of poses that weren`t too hard but were still effective enough to make you feel a difference. Immediately after doing the routine I felt my neck and shoulders becoming far more relaxed.

I am still in pain but I am optimistic that with regular practice my neck and shoulder tension will dissipate and my body will begin to heal itself.

I recommend that you try this video out, especially if you have neck and shoulder pain since it targets those areas. Even though it is free, it is high quality. To be honest, I feel like this video is even better than the ones I borrowed from the library (which are commercial titles by big lifestyle DVD brands). I like it a lot because it`s targetted towards relaxing and healing rather than "fitness" in the sense of looking good.

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