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5 years ago

I would try doing yoga on my own and would read on and on about how it is so good for you, but after a day I would just stop...Anyways I joined gym from September and then started going to yoga class twice a week. One day they have power (vinyasa) yoga and the other day regular yoga. At the end of first day I joined power yoga, I was so relaxed and felt so sleepy after it. It is definitely tough and some poses twist you and you need some strength but you can gain it after some practice. I am the least flexible, in downward dog I see everyone on their feet landed on the floor and I am still on my toes trying to push it down.

Anyways as I kept going and trying to push myself, I did see little bit of improvement in my strength and flexibility. I love my Tuesday class and the instructor. I even started seeing change in my immune system. I am the person who always had cold but I started seeing great change and I would have less sick days...even my back problem was gone. I would always feel dizzy and run out of breath, all of that was it could be yoga or other workout result.

Unfortunately I got in accident in late January and although I was blessed and came out safe, my left hand was hurt internally. There was no swelling or bone damage but my wrist was in pain if I even lifted groceries. I haven`t gone to yoga knowing I would need to use it in a lot of poses and did not want to injure it more. Again I started feeling dizzy and have cold more often. I will try to see if yoga helps this time or not. I miss it so much....I try stretching on my own but it is not same as the class. I have been resting my wrist and I will try going to Tuesday class and hopefully my wrist won`t hurt and I can keep going....

Sorry about this rant but I had to blog it and put it out there to whoever wants to try yoga....please try it! You not only gain flexibility but also gain strength. You can start with regular yoga and move up...there are few modifications, you can just go to resting pose if something is difficult to follow. There are people twice my age but in better physical condition doing some mean yoga and it really inspires me to push little bit more.

I wrote a post on "optimal poses for women" and few wrote how they want to try yoga....and I say go for it! You don`t have to be super flexible to do can start at your home following a guide (youtube, instructions, video) and if you like it then either find one yoga class or keep practicing at home. It really calms you down and it does so much internally.

Cardio strengthens your heart, increases your blood flow, strengthens your lungs and burns fat
strength training builds muscle, increases metabolism, tones you up
yoga does all of this at once. I am not putting any other forms of exercise down but just trying to state that yoga is extremely beneficial. It even works on your brain (you use both hemisphere when you balance), focus, restore. You do twist movements so it detoxifies, and when you stretch you energize from within. I can go on and on about goodness of yoga but you have to try it and keep trying until you fall in love :)


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