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3 years ago

*sorry for the blurry photos, I don`t know why this happened, but the picture are clearer on my blog...*

About a month ago I was scrolling down my facebook feed when I noticed that Yesstyle was holding a dress giveaway. I was a bit curious so I clicked through the link and found it very easy to sign up. All my information was already plugged in thanks to fb and all I needed to do was pick a dress that I liked. The dress I chose was this Two-Tone Belted Sleeveless Dress from Tokyo Fashion. Little did I know, I received an e-mail about a week later stating that I had won! Shocking right? I was beyond excited since now I could try an item out from Yesstyle without any risk!
I had always wanted to try out yesstyle, but have always been hesitant because I have heard many varying stories about these online asian stores. Yesstyle seemed to have quite a lot of positive reviews, but there were some scary negative stories out there and I did not want to deal with that. Plus the shipping fees were high and in order to get free shipping I needed to spend over $150!! (Not going to happen with my high school budget hehe!) The dress I got reminded me a lot of a dress I got from Dailylook, but just in a different color.

I would say that that overall the dress looks a lot like the stock photos. The only thing that I found to be off was the color. The black was correct, but I expected a beige/yellow tinted dress where instead the dress was more of a light gray/beige color. I think the stock photo was a bit tinted yellow, but I honestly did not mind. The measurements of this dress also matched up correctly which is good because it only came in 1 size! I was a bit afraid when ordering this dress because a lot of stuff on Yesstyle are made for smaller bodies which I don`t quite fit the mold of.

The measurements of this dress were-
Total Length: 78cm / 30.7`, Bust: 87cm / 34.3`,
Waist: 72cm / 28.3`, Hem Width: 42cm / 16.5`,

My waist is smaller than the measurement given and it was a near perfect fit so I am not sure if a 28 inch waist would fit in this dress to be honest. The material is stretchy though so it might work. One thing about this dress that was a bit off on my body in comparison to the model was the length!!! (Don`t worry, I had my racing shorts on while taking these photos) The dress was 30 inches, long but on my body, it felt shorter. I think maybe it had something to do with my hips/butt/lower body. There wasn`t any measurement given for hips, but I knew beforehand that my lower body was most likely bigger than your average model. The dress still fits, but I need to be careful when walking in it. I would prefer though for the bottom half to be a bit looser and longer.

The material to this dress was actually amazing! It was stretchy and thick which makes it durable. Trust me, this dress was not your typical forever 21 bodycon dress material. With this material, I knew that I could put this dress through my washing machine numerous times without worrying about whether or not the it would be ruined. If you own any clothing from f21, you probably know what I am talking about. I`ve had a shirt from there that looked like it was eaten alive by my washing machine!
The price of this dress isn`t the best in my opinion. This dress cost $79.20 which is way to high in my opinion. Although the quality is way better than many stores here, the price shouldn`t be this high. However, I did notice the sales/clearance section on the site and there the prices seem a lot more reasonable and affordable. If I were to order again from them, I think the sales is where I am going to get most of my items!

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