Hi guys! So today im going to review a website name This website holds japanese, chinese, korean and worldwide music. It also holds toys and other electronics. I buy most of my kpop cds and posters here. Now i love this website but some of the prices are pretty expensive, so pick and choose.
And you do get free shipping if you buy over 50 dollars i think. Now how long it will take to ship depends on where you live. I live in the U.S in Illinois and they ship from hong Kong so it takes about 3 weeks to get to me. And if your wondering i order from this website about 3 times.
Its an alright website and its really hard for me to buy kpop cds in person so i guess this is a good way for me to get my cds.
Do you guys like kpop, cpop, or jpop? And have you guys try this website already?

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