Yes To Carrots - No! No! No! No!

4 years ago

**Horrible cell phone picture is horrible. Sorry! I plan to get a better camera soon.**

Yes to Carrots is a brand that I hear many consumers raving about. I`ve read reviews on this somewhat natural product and how it`s improved dry skin. Since I have dry skin and I`m trying to go the natural/organic route, I thought I would give YTC a try. I`m not bashing Yes To at all. In fact, I actually like their blueberry towelettes and consider them as a holy grail item (but that`s another post!). I`m just afraid to use their other stuff after what happened to me earlier this year.

I bought the Daily Cleansing Cream and the Repairing Night Cream at Ulta around Easter time. I wanted something that was natural but also wouldn`t burn a hole through my pocket. I`ve passed by the YT line so many times in different stores and promised myself I would try it out one day. I usually buy Juice Beauty, but it gets a bit pricey. The cleansing cream and night cream together almost cost the same as one JB moisturizer so I thought, "What the heck?"

I tried the cleansing cream that night and noticed that the sunscreen+moisturizer I was wearing came right off. The cleanser left my skin feeling uncomfortably tight. I figured the night cream would soften my skin - and it did - but in the morning it seemed like that silky-smooth feeling disappeared. That`s never happened before. Even when I used to use Garnier Nutritioniste, I had soft skin when I woke up. I used both products day and night for about two days. On Easter Sunday when I was about to wash my face, I noticed some dry, rough patches around my chin, my lips, and underneath my eyes. It looked horrible! There was also some redness in my face that wasn`t there before. It had to be the Carrots.

I ended up using Dove soap to wash my face and used a mixture of Nubian Heritage infused shea butter, Palmer`s cocoa butter, and extra virgin olive oil to get rid of the itchy, flaky skin. It took a week and a half for my skin to heal. After the icky flakes were gone, I bought my staples from Juice Beauty (which will also be another post) and never looked back! My skin is so much better now since I`ve been using USDA certified organic products. It might be expensive but it`s worth the investment. To this day, I`m not sure which was the culprit, but I threw both the cleanser and the night cream away.

I apologize, Yes to Carrots, but I will have to say no.

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