Yes I`ve Been Here! Great Wall of China

5 years ago

I had just joined Pin Interest after a lot of Peer Pressure from Daniela and Casey Ray among others. The first board I created was Places I`ve been and tonight I pinned... The Great Wall of China. I`ve visited this in my teens with my family. We had went on a trip to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong went on a guided tour to Beijing China. One of the stops was to the Great Wall. Now the Great Wall spans miles and miles. Some parts have fallen into disarray. While some are still maintain for tourists to visit.

My first impressions were, wow, so beautiful to see the Walls go on and on. To think that in Ancient China soldiers and all kinds of people use to work on these walls. Second impression was, damn this is tiring. The road on the walls are not exactly paved. The steps that they do have are insanely steep. You`re also walking in high attitude. So just going from one tower to the next is quite a hike!

Talk the TALK
1) Have you ever visited the Great Wall of China before?
2) If you can visit any place in Asia, where would you like to visit?

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