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5 years ago

There a new App service (Level Up) on the Android and iO5 where you can pay by credit card that you`ve sync`d to the App for various restaurants and food trucks. I`m not sure if they`re in any other cities, but they`re pretty big now in Midtown Manhattan.

So as part of their promotion for you to use their service and try out these food trucks and restaurants they`re affiliated with they offer credit which range from $1 to $3 usually depending on the place. On special days they may offer up to $10 for a restaurant they are promoting.

So today I decided to go with my colleagues to try out a popular food truck call Big D`s Grub Truck. They offer a mix of Korean and Mexican (huh?) food. From them I got dumplings which was $3.00 which happened to be the free credit offered! (Okay no coincidence. lol)

But eating dumplings (4) is not really filling, so we then headed to Teresa`s Gourmet Cafe on 51st. My colleague got a drink there as this place was only offering a free $2.00 credit with Level Up. I got a slice of Pizza which was $3.00 and $3.27 with tax. They charged tax. ~_~ So minus the $2.00 credit I spent a total of $1.27 for a slice of Pizza and Dumplings!

Both food items were amazingly good. I was quite pleased with the size of the Dumplings. The meat inside was very tasty. I would definitely try it again. The Pizza from Teresa`s was also very good as well.

Talk the TALK
1) What did you have for lunch today?
2) The last time you spent less than $1.50 for lunch, what did you get?

Pics are mines. =) <STRONG>Sorry, I know the caption says FREE LUNCH, it`s a long story to why I thought it was free when I saved the pic... lol </STRONG> But a $1.27 is still pretty cool.

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