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When you read about a lot of posts in the Places Universe, a lot of them are tropical places or places that most of us are familiar with. In the case of Yemen I bet most of you don`t know that it is a country that is actually part of Western Asia. Its territory has over 200 islands. Unfortunately it is one of the poorest Arab countries and has dwindling natural resources ie oil. Even though it is quite a poor country and is ridden with corruption, it is home to 4 of the UNESCO heritage sites. The Old Walled City of Shibam which is a 16th-century city is one of the oldest examples of urban planning based on the principle of vertical construction. The ancient Old City of Sanaa, this area has been inhabited for over two and a half millenia and 6,000 houses that survive all date from before the 11th century. The Historic Town of Zabid is an archaeological and historical site. Algebra was said to have originated here so I quite hate this site lol. The Socotra Archipelago was mentioned by Marco Polo in the 13th century. It is a remote and isolated archipelago with species of 37% of Socotras 825 plants, 90% of its reptiles and 95% of its snails occur no where else in the world. Also it is home to 192 bird species, 253 species of coral, 730 species of coastal fish, and 300 species of crab and lobster, as well as a range of Aloes and the Dragons Blood Tree. The heritage sites especially the Socotra achipelago would be nice to visit. However due to poor human rights especially against women and a poor economy it may be best if I view this country from a far and not in person.

Do you know Yemen was part of Asia?
I am not going to lie I thought it was part of Africa.
Have you ever been to Yemen?

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